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(Team) Rock Athletics
Totally FREE Fundraiser For Your Group

How This Works ... A True WIN-WIN No Risk Fundraising Solution.You Do Not Pay for Anything Up Front & Only Pay for Cards Sold

  • Your group sells our Family Activity Package (shown below) to family and friends.
  • The cost of the card is $20 each & your group keeps 75% from each sale ... that's $15 per sale.
  • Your supporters who purchase the vouchers (with a potential value of $500) can then visit our fundraising website at to register their families for the various programs offered on the card they purchased from you.
  • You are done. We look after everything else

HUGE Profit Potential 

(1) Soccer league has 10 teams whose players (15 players per team) sell just 10 vouchers each
1500 sales x $20 = $30,000 x 75% = $22,500 PROFIT for your group

(2) A hockey mom gets 10 friends and family to each sell 10 vouchers for her son's hockey season
100 sales x $20 = $2000 x 75% = $1500 PROFIT to help cover costs

The Family Activity Package That You Sell Is Shown Below

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